UberRE more listings, faster sales cycles and higher prices

UberRE provides automated lead generation for both new property listings and prospects interested in your online listed properties.

Lead generation while you sleep, how does that sound?. If you want to join 100's of real estate professionals that are taking advantage of our unique solutions, simply book a quick demo to find out how. It will be the best 15 minutes you spend all year.

We guarantee that prospects will spend 6 times longer on your online property listings and better still, we provide you with their complete contact details so you can reach out and fast track the sales cycle.

Our solutions have been developed inhouse and tailored to your exact needs so you can take advantage and be the leading agent in your coverage area!

We guarantee at least an extra 30% of interested prospects, this drives the competition  and delivers higher sales prices!

Save Time
UberRE saves you time by streamlining your marketing process

UberRE provides comprehensive professional marketing products and services for residential and commercial property plus marine assets.

UberRE has created a streamlined process to manage your marketing campaigns, saving your agency an average of 16 hours (2 days) a month.

Our unique online booking system eliminates the frustration with multiple phone calls between yourself, the service provider and the vendor to book and/or reschedule the onsite work.

To avoid this frustration and to save everyone's time, simply use our online booking system while on the phone with your vendor. Simply select a date and time to book the onsite work with one phone call to the vendor and your all done!

Once the property content is ready to view, we send you an alert with a link so they can  access and download the content, it is really that simple!

Automatically build your contacts list

We have a unique solution to capture the contact information of any one who views your online assets. This solution will increase the amount of interested prospects by at least 30%, providing higher competition, which results in higher sales prices and faster sales cycles.

We deliver their contact information instantly to the sales agent so they can reach out and provide more information on the asset they have viewed, or discuss other assets for sale or lease with similar features.

Most potential buyers are preparing to sell or lease their properties, therefore as a bonus the additional contacts that are generated by our solution provide opportunities to increase your sales listings and property management.

Simple Campaign Management

UberRE simplifies your property marketing campaign management by centralising all of your marketing content for each property with online access that is supported by our 100% availability guarantee.

No longer do you need to manage content in multiple locations like emails, hyperlinks, drop box, Google Drive, USB drives, hosting environments, etc.

All work completed by UberRE is available for easy retrieval and is stored under the address heading for each property.

If you need to provide other staff members with access to the stored content, you simply add them as a registered user, using our online management tool so they can access all of your marketing assets.

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Automatically grow your property listings, sell faster for higher prices and standout with our amazing and innovative property marketing products!

We even offer a 100% product satisfaction guarantee,
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