UberRE is Innovative

UberRE provides an easier alternative to manage your property marketing processes.

Our innovative process is all handled online with a simple centralised method to order, schedule and receive all of your property marketing content on a single platform.

When you schedule the photography, videography, drone, floor plan and virtual tours using our online scheduler, our professional service providers are automatically assigned to turn up at the property at the scheduled time to carry their specialised work.

Once the property content is ready to view, we send an email alert to the agent so they can review, request a change or approve and download the content.

It is really that easy!

Build your Contact Lists

We have a unique solution to capture the contact information of any one who views our online property virtual tours.

We deliver their contact information live to the sales agent so they can contact the potential purchaser and provide more information on the property they have viewed, or discuss other properties for sale with similar features.

All Marketing Content in One Location

UberRE stores all of the property marketing content in one location on your own private UberRE portal.

No longer do you need to manage content in multiple locations like emails, hyperlinks, drop box, etc.

All work completed by UberRE is available for up to 3 years and stored for easy retrieval using the address of each property.

If you need to provide other staff members with access to the stored content, you can simply add them as a registered user to your online portal.

Act Now

Connect with UberRE today to save time and effort with managing your property marketing content and drive your seller and buyer contact lists to massive proportions.

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